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Paris Paris.. !

The first schoolproject couldn’t be better; going to Paris for three days! Ah yeah. Looking for new stuff, discovering the beautiful city and visiting the Paris Design Week. And ofcourse, I carried my camera with me every day. Below you can see some of the pictures I made in Paris.

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Inspiration | I LOVE FAKE

Wholaaalala! Today I bought a really cool Magazine about fashion, art and culture called I LOVE FAKE. They want to constantly reinvent theirselves and always want to encourage creativity. This magazine inspired me to be more creative is my expressions.
Do what yo want to do.. That’s the spririt, right? Anyway, I collected some inspiring artists for you. Enjoy!

Dana Boulos is a model/photographer and lives in LA. She tracks a personal diary about her lifestyle.

Sophie van der Perre is photographer from Amsterdam. She has done a lot of beautiful shoots.
The 18-year-old Coco Capitan is a young talent, a London-based photographer with a preference for analogue photography. Intimate portraits of friends as well as fasion shoots.
Michael Mayren did a impressive shoot for ILOVEFAKE. While visiting his website I found out he only does fantastic work.

Petra Karlsson

She’s only fifteen and seems to be a huge fashionblogger already; her name is Petra Karlsson. She’s from Sweden and started her blog one and a half year a go but she has been blogging about fashion for only a half year. Besides fashion, Petra writes about her daily life, her love for soccer, athletic and other sports. I like her!

Lovely Style

Some people have just an amazing style. I really like the classic meets rock fashion.  This photo’s remind me of the hot days in summer, unfortunately; we have to wait a few months before we can leave the door with hot pants and mini dresses.



With school, we went to the fashioncapitel of Belgium, where we have seen the exposition of the work from Walter van Beirendonck. And of corse, we visit a lot of nice vintagestores. It was a really cosy day with a great ending: going out with a friend who lives in Antwerpen!


Kanye West’s Fashionshow

De front row man Kanye West heeft zijn eigen kledinglijn gelanceerd. Op de Paris Fashion Week liet hij zijn eerste collectie zien! Dat hij zo modegevoelig was, wist ik niet. Hoewel ik over zijn muziek nog in twijfel ben, ben ik zeker fan van zijn ontwerpen! LEUK!

Kanye West na zijn show op catwalk.Front Row, aparte schoenen!

Chanel Iman voor Kanye West!