Cool men and woman/Appearance

————————————————-INTOXICASE PLUS—————————————————

What it is
The intoxicase is a small collapsible mechanism that allows you, the user, to open a refreshing bottle of beer (or any bottle with a cap, of course). When you’re done, you can simply push the collapsible ‘reach out’ bottle opener and fold it back to the case, where it will be an unobtrusive part of your iPhone case. The developers of this smart thing already improved their selves. The first version wasn’t retractable.

Why it’s cool
Perfect for the typical man who likes to drink beer and in the same time he’s too lazy to search for a bottle-opener. Just grab your iPhone and open it! It’s a simple solution for the missing openers. And besides that, it looks nice too!

—————————————————INNER MESSAGE——————————————————-

What it is
‘Inner Message’ is a ring with hidden letter on the inside. These rings, designed by Jungyn Yoon, seems to be simple from the outside. But when you take them off, they’ll leave a love message on your finger, a little heart for example.
Imagine your lover giving you a ring, just to be nice. But later when you take the ring off; it says ‘Marry me’.

Why it’s cool
The story that inspired Jungyun goes about a Korean singer. He wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time.
A deceptively simple ring that leaver impression on the finer, it’s comfortable to wear and you’ll feel like you hold a brief, impassioned secret in the palm of your hand. That makes this ring special to wear.

———————————————DARWIN TRIANGULAR BBQ——————————————————–

What it is
The Darwin Triangular BBQ is a Handy barbecue system, which comes in a briljant briefcase-style design. In spite of its small size, there is plenty of room for you to squeeze as much on there as you can, at least enough for three or four burgers. The components of the BBQ are removable for easy cleaning, ant with the ingenious carry-case design, you don’t have to worry about carrying a heavy BBQ stand at the beach.

Why it’s cool
Barbequing is a real man thing. In summertime they make the burgers and almost every year they buy a new one after which they proudly show. The Darwin Triangular is a compact and original barbecue system that absolutely surprises the woman. It’s easy to move and you can take it anywhere you want.


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