Experience Economy/Leisure

What is the Experience Economy?

———————————————–NEW FORK———————————————-

What it is
New Fork is a small lunchroom in the centre of Rotterdam. When you walk in, you will immediately notice the vision of this young catering industry. Everything between the walls of New Fork is ecological and biological produced. Their fresh sandwiches, the spices, cookies and even the packaging is biological justified. And if you are too lazy to get some of their fair trade food, you can order what you want at their website.

Why it’s cool
New Fork isn’t just a lunchroom. You might think there are a lot of fair trade lunchrooms, nothing special. But New Fork is a bit different. They want to convince you a fair trade way of living is really essential. Trough the whole room you’ll see posters with funny explanations of their way of producing ‘good’ food. They also put a wheelbarrow  with basilicon and other plants in the room.
New Fork doesn’t only gives you the taste of fair trade and biological food, they also want to show you how it works and how simple it actually is to be a bit more environmentally friendly.
For example; they put a faucet in the middle of the room because filling your bottle is more friendly to the world than buy a new plastic bottle!
New Fork gives you  beside very good food an experience of being fair trade! This cozy lunchroom fits the Experience Economy!

——————————–EATING UNDER THE APPLE TREE——————————

What it is
While visiting the Dutch Design Week I spotted this design ‘Pure Nature’ from Arie van Bommel. Sitting is a specially designed apple crate, tucking into tasty chicken with apple sauce or fresh apple pie of enjoying a glass of apple juice. This mobile kitchen-dining units you can enjoy your diner in an apple orchard. Visitors can compose their own dish, using apples as the basic ingredient. A tractor is used to place the crates around the orchard. People can pick their own spot.

Why it’s cool?
Pure Nature brings the traditional food process surrounding apples closer to the consumer. You are able to choose your own spot and food based on apples you surrounded with. This whole concept fits the Experience Economy perfectly. As a consumer you will experience the feelings of the nature and the taste of apples. Not in a normal way, but while you are sitting in a unit with the characteristic shape of an apple crate, stamp included. This is a new way of being in nature connected to one element; apples. The experience of apples and their nature.

——————————————THE DARLING——————————————-

What it is
The Darling started in 2009 with a sugarsweet shopping paradise in the middle of the Nine Streets area in Amsterdam. After one and a half year they decided to come up with a web shop. When you enter ‘The Darling’, you feel like a little child in a candy store. Just don’t know where to start. To make that feeling  bigger, they offer the sweetest cupcakes.
Their collection is a mix of unique affordable brands, design and some vintage.

Why it´s cool
The Darling isn’t just a vintage store out of thousands. When you come in, you will immediately feel a little kid in Disneyland. The owners want to give you the experience of a little child, ‘the candystore feeling’. Even when you don’t want to buy something, the store will enjoy you.
You can buy real sugarsweet cupcakes and eat them in their ‘Cupcake Café’. A hangout where you can drink coffee, tea or fresh juices and eat Macarons and cupcakes which look like little artworks.
The combination of the shop with a lot of charming clothing and accessories and their cute cupcakes, outshines ‘The Darling’ compared to likeable stores in the Nine Streets.




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