What it is?
‘Chocolate exactly the way you want it’. This is the innovative idea behind the start-up company Chocomize. Chocomize offers chocoholics the option of creating bars to satisfy their taste buds.
Customers can choose which chocolate base (dark, milk or white) they would like to start with. They can choose more than 100 additional ingredients and toppings. Customers have the option of adding up to five ingredients to each bar, including different types of nuts, seeds, fruits, herbs, spices, Candy and even potato chips or coffee beans.

Why it’s cool
Chocomize is a cool company because they give the customers the ultimate chocolate experience by given them the option to choose exactly what they want. They are the first company in the U.S. to produce custom chocolate bars. Chocomize also fits the needs from people to create things. You don´t exactly ‘made’ your own chocolate bar, but you made your own creation!

—————————————————-KURU KURU NABE———————————————————–

What it is
Kuru-Kuru Nabe is a new saucepan design with spirally molded sides that not only allow contents to cook  more efficiently, but they also enable the pan to ‘stir’ itself. The brainchild of Japanse dentist Hideki Watanabe, Kuru Kuru  Nabe – which means roughly ‘round and round pot’ – features diagnol grooves on its inside surface, causing a vortex convention when liquid heated. There’s also less likelihood that the contents of the pot will boil over.

Why it’s cool
Cooking is socializing. By having not that much money people start to have a luxury dinner at home –with friends. That means there are needed several pans. People want to do many things at the same time. They become multifunctional. Kuru Kuru Nabe helps you to cook in an easier way. You don’t have to take care that much anymore.

—————————————————-RED TOMATO VIP MAGNET————————————————-

What it is
An Italian restaurant in Dubai had utilized Bluetooth technology to let customers order pizza by pressing a button on a fridge magnet connected to their Smartphone. The VIP (very important pizza lover’s) refrigerator magnet lets you order a preset pizza, simply press the button found on the refrigerator magnet and it will send an order to the restaurant via your Smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Why it’s cool
Whenever we are home and hunger strikes, our typical instinct is to check the fridge for food we can easily grab. A near-universal consumer behavior. If we want something, we want it immediately. The Italian restaurant Red Tomato goes along with the trend ‘Instant Gratification’. Thinking about all the vending machines, the VIP magnet suits perfectly in this busy society. That’s why this is a cool tool.


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