What it is
Urbio is able to transforms any wall inside a user’s home into a vertical garden. The ‘eco plastic’ pots emulate ceramic and use neodymium megnets to mount to any receptive surface. Modular in design, the plant pots can be purchased individually or with the wall mounting plates. From process to design, the concept is rooted in sustainability, and even the pots can be tossed out in recycling. Urbio is also predicated on the idea of maximizing limited space whitin the constraints of urban living. The design is flexible enough to support concepts outside of planting a garden indoors. Plant, organize, and space save all at once!

Why it’s cool?
Nowadays, the city’s getting bigger, a lot of people live in the city. There isn’t enough space to planting a garden. Urbio is the solution for having not the space or time to planting your own garden. Consumers can make an unique composition. The concept adopt to the ‘urban farming’ trend and makes it for everyone easy to be green.


What it is
The main goal of FurniBloom is combine stylish and simple furniture with multiple functionality. You can make it your own based on your taste and personal style. FurniBloom is a great option both for big gardens or a small balcony where you can grow your own herbs, vegetables and flowers – and have a seating as well. Ventilation holes on all sides enable the plants to breath and grow.

Why it’s cool
FurniBloom is a great solution for people without enough space let grow their own plants. It’s an original way to be sustainable in your own environment. It’s multifunctional, an aspect that people  – – especially living small – really love.

————————————————Sustainable Cooker Hood——————————————————–

What it is
A cooker hood designed by Snaidero. It uses ionization technology to clean odors from the air while ridding it of pollutants. There are no exhaust pipes, making it a green ans sleek design option for the kitchen. Moreover, it neutralizes volatile organic compounds by transforming them into CO2 and water, it deactivates viruses, bacteria and allergens by breaking their external membranes, it deactivates mildew, fungi and spores, neutralizes tobacco smoke ans eliminates particulate.

Why it’s cool
It’s a sustainable way to clean the air in the kitchen. Nowadays, people getting more and more worried about the environment and a good health. With this cooker hood there are no worries about allergens and other pollutants in the air anymore. Before, a kitchen range hood would help eliminate the smelling of last night’s dinner, and an air-purifier could help alleviate the second problem – but it would take two separate gadgets to do the job. This is an innovative way to be sustainable.

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