Urban Nomads/Human Movement

————————————————–THE  SLEEKSPEAK———————————————————-

What it is
The SleekSpeak project on Kickstarter is the solution to all your bicycle Journey problems. Headphones are dangerous and boom boxes are clunky and awkward. Connect the rubber sheathed 80dB SleekSprak anywhere on your bike, and then connect your phone to it with Bluetooth. Boom. Instant beats. When you arrive at your destination, the SleekSpeak slips off (and back on) in under five seconds. The rubber skin also makes SleekSpeak weather-resistant for those rainy days, and shock proof for when potholes are unavoidable. A nice addition: when you are riding with friends you can connect to their SleekSpeaks and become the DJ for your whole crew.

Why it’s cool
Urban Nomads love to ride a bike. They constantly moving, having their headphones on a high volume. Sleekspeak is a great solution for moving safely from now on. It’s an easy way to connect to your phone and play the music you want. Besides that the SleekSpeak is a new and good-looking gadget. With this project you are bringing the excitement of music to the freedom of biking and doing it safely.

—————————————————-THE LORNA————————————————————–

What it is
The Lorna is a backpack designed by Ignoble. It’s more than your average backpack, the bag can be quickly converted into a side-carry briefcase. The urban commuter bag is also very rugged, it is made from 1680D ballistic nylon with a fully lined nylon Ripstop interior. Lorna features various pockets and compartments for you to carry all your beloved gadgets. The internal hanging-pocket and book-sleeve (or iPad) for example.

Why it’s cool
Urban Nomads are constantly on their way, moving from A to B. For an appointment they want to look well-mannered. But during their way they want to look sporty. Lorna fits the wants of the Urban Nomads perfectly.  They can easily adjust to the situation. And while their movements, they can carry their valuable gadgets in a good way.

——————————————–PACKABLE SHELL JACKET—————————————————–
What it is
A windproof, water-repellent, highly breathable, highly compresible, ultraligth ghost of a textille. This jacket is really easy to put away in your bag or in its own pocket. A tiny pocket you can take with you anywhere. It’s a fashionable good looking jacket, perfect for almost every occasion.

Why it´s cool
The Urban Nomad is always on their way. They translate from place to place. Most of them don’t use a car. When the weather becomes bad they can easily grab their packable shell jacket. It’s so small you can always have it with you. So they are prepared to show up clear.

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